Men’s Puma Ignite Dual Nylon Running Shoes $54.99

Original price was: $90.00.Current price is: $54.99.

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I’m going to be honest, I’m in love with this shoe. The Men’s Puma Ignite Dual Nylon Running Shoes are Puma’s most versatile, energy-returning running shoe to date. You don’t have to put them on to see how comfortable these kicks are. The foam in the midsole and the mesh upper make this stylish sneaker the ideal running shoe. To sum it up, this running shoe is the best of both worlds: Flexible and supportive, lightweight and powerful.

A versatile shoe, it can be used for casual wear along with running and athletics. Snag them before I do from Sneakadeal for $54.99. You won’t regret it.

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